We Produce Zinc Oxide in our own foundry, we use the high-temperature oxidation of procedé. Ours production capacity is 2,000 MT / year.

Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a fine white powder. The first use of zinc oxide was manufactured industrially produce white paints.

Three different methods are used for its manufacture - two thermal processes and a wet chemical process. A thermal process starts from the metallic zinc, the other from zinc residues or oxide ores. In either process, zinc vapor is generated and burned to zinc oxide. In the wet method, zinc is leached from zinc containing raw materials and then precipitated as zinc hydroxide / -carbonate. The precipitate is calcined ZnO.

Main zinc oxide uses are rubber, ceramics, optical glass and paints. Zinc oxide is also a component of anti-fouling paints and anticorrosive.

Other industrial applications include the production of additives for lubricating oils, zinc various organic and inorganic compounds, galvanized steel, adhesives, batteries, and electronic components such as varistors and ferrites. High purity grades are used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for the production of ointments, baby and skin cream, toothpaste, dental cement and deodorants.

Zinc oxide catalysts are used to remove hydrogen sulfide from gases and liquids. ZnO is also added to animal feed and fertilizer.

We produce zinc oxide of high purity of 99.97%, for several industries.